Thursday, April 29, 2010


OK it has been some kinda week for me it all started on Monday. I had hair appointment and I have been for some time wanting to go more blonde but did not want to have any red gold in my hair. So my hair dresser said OK not a problem and I come up with this red hair and she says don't worry we are going to highlight it and will be just the color you want. I just happen to look in the mirror and lets just say it looks like banana yellow. On my head and she says on it will not look like that when we tone it down. So when all was said and done I look like sunshine with just a tint of red. And I say OK I think I can live with this. So I go home and wait on the boys to get there cause lets face it kids will tell you the truth and what do they say but it is red. And I say is it really and ask hubby and he says what color do you want it to be. Great this is just what you get when live with house full of men. So here I sit with what to do my mom and sister both live a good thirty minutes away so they cant help so call my BFF cause she the girl that can not leave her hair alone for more than a week and she says just add some brown to it and I will bring you some shampoo that will help with it and you will feel so much better. Well lets just say I wake up the next morning and say to the boys well what do you think and they say well one side is brown and the other side is like yellow great now I just want to cry!! I say that is it I going to head over to the beauty school and see if they can help me with this and what do they do but make it more blonder and they did get the orange out. I still don't love my hair and just don't know what to do with it at this point.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

First Post!

OK here it go's this is how I started bloging. I started reading a few blogs and then one day told my sister about Kelly's Korner back when Harper was born and she got hooked and now she blogs over at Crystal's Life. Then one cold winter day here in North Carolina Crystal told me that some of the blogger's are going to see Beth Moore in Atlanta and wanted to know if I wanted to go and I of course said yes she said well you need to start a blog so you will know some of the people when we go and I said no I don't have any thing to blog about. Well here it is the big weekend for are sister weekend to Atlanta and we were so exited to meet and see some of the blogger's and if you new us in real life you would never think we are shy or even quiet but we were this weekend. It was so fun getting to see all the people we read about and follow their life's but did not know what to say when we got face to face with you guys. I told Crystal you have a blog and have left comments  to these people you need to talk but I am just a blog stalker LOL. Well we just sat back and did a lot of looking and taking it all in and we had just the best time but I could not help but think I really need to get out of my box and get me a blog going and well here it is and I just know Crystal is just laughing at me because she thought  I would never do this.